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The Produce


We use the best quality seasonal flower grown from ‘elite strains’ (aka ‘mother strains’: the original weed cultivars from before the cross-straining craze), purchased from our favourite local farmers. Farm’s meticulously crafted blends are made from live resin (cannabis concentrates) derived from plants flash frozen immediately after harvest, and stored at freezing temperatures throughout extraction. 

This careful plant-to-pen approach ensures maximum retention of the plant’s valuable terpene profile, giving our vapes a pure, clean cannabis flavor. Farm is your next best alternative to smoking the actual flower. Specially designed for those who appreciate the authentic cannabis taste and full flavor, our elegantly discreet vape pens use ceramic coils that deliver consistent hits without any burning. 

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Named after Jack Herer—the “Emperor of Hemp”, marijuana activist and author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”—this is one woody, pine-scented sativa with earthy undertones. Brace yourself for a steady rush of happy energy that uplifts your day while keeping you laser-focused for enhanced productivity. Recommended for heightened cerebral powers.


Using extracts from the highly cherished OG Kush strain, 1991 OG carries a distinctive earthy pine scent with aromatic woody undertones. A single puff releases a rush of heavy euphoria, flooding your system with happy hormones for instant relaxation and bliss. Designed for anytime use, this hybrid blend is suitable for enjoyment around the clock.


A highly potent indica with powerful sedation effects, Pure Kush has a savory taste profile of fresh honeydew, fragrant sage and rich butter. Ideal as a sleeping aid or to lift the spirits, Pure Kush will settle your mind and body into a prolonged state of relaxed daze for a mellow night in, or for deep intellectual exchanges.


All Farm produce is sourced from carefully vetted local farmers for the best quality seasonal flower, giving you naturally-derived and wholesome vapes. Our Clean Cannabis Guarantee assures that all Farm products meet California state cannabis regulations.